I love to cook and I love my family and friends. It seems like we end up eating or talking about eating, fun activities and craft ideas, and family, when we get together. This page and blog seemed like a natural extension of those things. I live in Valrico, Florida- that’s just outside Tampa, and very near Plant City. I raised four children with my husband and we have five grandchldren. Our house is still a very busy place with all of them coming through, even though only one of our sons currently lives at home.

The title phrase comes from my children. They referred to the music makers they made in preschool from two metallic pie pans, a few dried beans, and a couple of jingle bells as “Jingle Pies”. And the “Starry Skies” are the ones they asked in their prayers to be guided through during their sleep.

My first food job was assisting a pastry chef who had been brought to the United States by the Busch family to create fabulous breads and desserts for their Busch Gardens Tampa Swisse House Restaurant. He left that employ to open his own pastry shop, and that’s where I came to know him and work for him. After watching closely, and tasting a lot, I became the “Danish Girl” at his shop, “Karl’s Konditori”. I left there to go to college but kept the fond memories close. He was the pastry chef who made my gorgeous wedding cake as his gift to me. I discovered then that there is a “forever bond” forged in food and those who work in that industry.

My oldest son had always wanted to go to culinary school, and eventually did. I still do the “Mom” cooking and leave the fancy stuff to him.

Graduation Day


I love to learn recipes, cooking ideas, tips and skills from others in any way I can. I’m always taking classes, seminars, following blogs, reading cookbooks, and watching cooks and chefs on TV and in person. I simply love to cook. I also love sewing and stitching.

I thank you for reading my blog and appreciate it more than you know. I hope that starry skies guide you through your dreams tonight.